“Colors are the Smiles of Nature.” Leigh Hunt

At HBC we love creating colours through paints that are formulated after thorough research and are designed to beautify and protect.


HBC is one of the fastest growing paint companies in South India. The saying 'Dreams Can Come True' is a fact that we have witnessed. Our dreams have become reality through our strong belief in the unyielding philosophy of "WE CAN".

Do you have the drive, determination and talent to scale career heights? If you meet the expectation of HBC Paints, you can take pride in being one among the chosen few.

Over the years, HBC paints has sucessfully fused a caring and nurturing workplace culture that emphasizes fun and enjoyment with daily routine, tasks and responsibilities.

Transparency, commitment, passion and dedication are the core value of the work environment created at HBC Paints. We have always valued the ideas and suggestions from all, irrespective of positions and hierarchy of the person concerned.

As an HBC employee, you have the oppurtunity not only to work but excel in your area of expertise. Those who currently work with HBC Paints firmly believe that a career at HBC Paints is rewarding, challenging, fruitful and holds many opportunities for professional growth. If this is what you are looking for, send your resume to :- [email protected]


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